Complete 2013 Georgia 6A Football Playoff Bracket

The regular season is done. The region, non-region and out-of-state games are done, now it’s time to see if you can “take care of home” by winning your state. The High School Football season has now been reset as everyone is 0-0. 0-1 and you go home, 5-0 and you hoist the trophy and only one squad can and will go 5-0 (undefeated). 32 teams in Georgia’s highest class have a shot to go 5-0 and if they don’t they have a shot to build the program for future years.

Freshmen are no longer Freshman and being a Senior now comes with the weight of being a Senior. It means more than getting a date for prom yet if you win you could be in a spot where you’re turning down multiple dates for prom and getting multiple messages from college recruiters and reporting them to recruiting services.

Enough of that here is the Georgia Class 6A playoff bracket from the Georgia High School Association by Farm Bureau.

Georgia 6A Playoff Bracket
Georgia 6A Playoff Bracket

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