Camden County (GA) Post School Record 91 Points In Victory

It was Friday the 13th and well it was a nightmare for Beach (GA) High School out of Savannah, GA on their trip down I-95 to Kingsland, GA to take on the Camden County Wildcats. When the dusted settled Camden County would walk away with a 91-6 win over Beach.

Camden County (2-1), a run oriented team, led 42-0 at the half and pulled their varsity for the second half. The JV and 9th graders would out do the varsity by putting up 49 points in the second half. Camden County racked up a modest, considering the final score, 321 yards on the ground and passed for 121-their most of the season.

All of Camden County's team go in on the record-setting 91 points scored vs Beach.
All of Camden County’s team got in on the record-setting 91 points scored vs Beach.

Alabama commits Kalvarez Bessent and Chris Williams caught touchdown passes and each had interceptions while Williams took one back for a touchdown. The Wildcats finished the night with 15 ball carriers with none going for more than 50 yards for the day. Williams and Johnson finished with 41 yards on three carries each.

Beach was only able to muster 85 yards of total offense, 57 coming on one run in the 4th quarter under the mercy rule of a running clock. At halftime Beach had -7 yards of total offense.

Camden County will have next week off before opening region play at home against Valdosta. Camden head coach Welton Coffey was an assistant at Valdosta prior to coming to Camden County in 2006. Beach (0-3) has only scored 12 points in their first three games, will regroup and open region play hosting Region 1-3A opponent Pierce Co. (3-0) next week.

2 thoughts on “Camden County (GA) Post School Record 91 Points In Victory”

  1. I have long been a Camden Cty fan… But yeesh – call off the dogs (wildcats) for crying out loud! Totally uncalled for regardless of the reason.

  2. So would you ask a team of prep high school kids to take a knee 4 downs for the entire second half ? 150 players played for god sakes! The 9th graders scored more in the second half than the varsity did….what more could you ask for!? Its football stop being a baby, if the other team prepared better and worked even half as hard as the wildcats they wouldn’t need to worried about being beat 90 nothin…. its been a long time comming, even in my playing days for coach herron he would come and more or less “call off the dogs” at half time the same as coach coffey now. Had he of kept us in, no doubt would the score reach 3 digits by the THIRD quarter (wich I agree is uncalled for). But you can tell kids “give up”. It was actually sad as a player looking over at these savannah teams sometimes. By the second quarter you could litterally see the fear and frusteration in there eyes, and after every passing hit sometimea actually feel them give up. They knew they were unprepared and out classed but a few would still fight tooth and nail! I liked that. I’m SOO glad the ghsa have stoped allowing those teams play up (forcing us all into a region due to isolation) and allowing us to finally beat up on some arrogant region 1 booty 😀 something I always dreamed of as a player and can now enjoy as a fan! Best region in the nation! But come on coach cofey….I know scheduling can be difficult, I know it was you r first season as top dog, and I know the loss of such elite talent at key positions left this season in question in such a touhh region, but now that’s all over and there’s no need to bus down the bush league savannah teams anymore. Lets see some more NATIONAL teams and see if we can’t get ole ESPN to beg to televise a few more epic barn burners! P.s. we still need a tie breaker with ole HOOVER alabama! That last second game losing field goal they kicked last game still haunts my dreams coach, time to reintroduce them to south jawja football. God knows colQUIT couldn’t get r done 😉

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