Atlanta Xplosion Seeking First 2013 WIn

The Atlanta Xplosion opened their 2013 season with a 12-6 loss against the Carolina Phoenix. The Xplosion are a pro women’s football team that plays in the IWFL, Independent Women’s Football League, where they were the 2006 and 2011 champions. Through multiple coaches and ownership changes the Xplosion have remained a solid contender in the league for several years.

The Xplosion will host the Carolina Queens in their second home game of the season. The IWFL plays an 8-game regular season with the Xplosion playing their home games at Campbell High School in Smyrna (Cobb County), GA for the second consecutive season. The Xplosion have three more homes games at Campbell High School. The remaining home schedule includes the Carolina Queens on May 4th, May 11th vs the Huntsville Tigers and May 18th vs the Chattahoocee Locomotion. Their remaining games are on the road are return trips to those teams.

For the football lover in us all there is real, 100 yards of football in the city where it’s not about the sex appeal but actual game and winning the game.


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