Creekside Ends North Marion’s Historic Season

North Marion was making their deepest push in the playoffs in school history when they faced Creekside-Jacksonville (26-2) in the regional semifinals in a rare matinée. The game was played at 1pm on Wednesday afternoon after officials declared the field at North Marion to be unplayable on Tuesday due to rainy conditions earlier in the day forcing the unique mid-week “businessman’s special”.

Creekside would get the better of North Marion behind one swing of the bat from Creekside’s Colleen Darragh (Georgia Tech). With the bases loaded it the third, Darragh took a Holly McKinnon (South Alabama) pitch yard to give Creekside a 4-0 lead. Darragh’s grand slam would be all second-ranked Creekside need as they won 6-0 to advance to the regional finals.

North Marion only had four hits in the game, all on singles, completing their season 21-6 and were shutout only three times all season (Belleview, Ponde Vedra and Creekside).


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