GDFL Preseason Poll, Scores

The Gridiron Developmental Football League preseason began in April. Here are some scores…

Memphis Blast 12 Kentucky Pythons 6 Final/OT
Georgia Firebirds 15 Tallahassee (FL) Knights 3 Final
Palmetto (SC) Havoc 20 CSRA (Augusta, Ga) Hurricanes 0 Final

The Memphis Blast will take on the Clarksville Wolfpack in the GDFL 2013 Kick-Off Classic in Memphis on Saturday April 20th. THE GDFL is entering its fourth season of operation and is headquartered out of Memphis,TN with over 80 teams across the United States and Canada.

The 2013 Preseason Poll was also released earlier this month by the league.

1. Central Penn (PA) Piranha (2012 GDFL Champion)
2. Carolina (NC) Venom (2010 GDFL Champion)
3. Indianapolis Tornados
4. Fayetteville (NC) Horizon
5. Cuyahoga County (OH) Spartans
6. Hampton Roads (VA) Redskins
7. Chambersburg Cardinals (2011 GDFL Champion)
8. Georgia Crush
9. Oklahoma Thunder
10. Christian County (KY) Outlaws
11. Clarksville (TN) Wolfpack
12. Palmetto (SC) Havoc
13. Mississippi Stallions
14. Lehigh Valley (OH) Storm
15. Tennessee Hurricanes
16. Low Country (SC) Bone Crushers
17. Georgia (South Georgia) Firebirds
18. St. Louis Bulldogs
19. Florida Falcons
20. Virginia Lions
21. Steel City (Hamilton,ON-Canada) Patriots
22. Metro (DC) Nemesis
23. D.C. Explosion
24. DMV (VA/DC)Enforcers
25. Beaufort (SC) Hornets


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