Cedar Shoals Runs Away With Loch Johnson Invitational

The 18th Annual Loch Johnson Invitational was held after the original date was rained out a few weeks back for only the second time ever in the history of the event. Due to the rain out the field was cut from 15-plus teams to eight teams-mainly in the local area.

The host Cedar Shoals Jaguars finished in first-place by a very wide margin. The Jags finished the day with nine first-place spots/points. Cedar Shoals finished with 216 points, while crosstown rival (in any sport), Clarke Central came in second with a distant 79 points.

Asa Smith, Josiah Jenkins, Bershawrd won multiple events while the relay teams did their work.

Tomara Lowe, Josh Bolton, Breshawrd Cooper and Asa Smith tied a school record-set last season in 2012, in the 4×100 relay with a time of 41.7, that people, is just shy of “blazing speed”.

“We finally had decent weather and the [teams] effort was amazing”, Head Coach Roger Edmonds said.

The Jaguars look to follow-up on their solid showing with a date next week in the Athens Area Championships which will be held at North Oconee.


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