GDFL Owners Meeting Dates Released

The GDFL, which stands for Gridiron Developmental Football League has announced the dates for their 2013 owners meetings which will be held in January of 2013.

The Impact Conference owners meeting will be held on January 12th in Memphis, TN and the Xtreme Conference owners meetings will be held on January 26th in Richmond, VA.


The GDFL is  entering its fourth season and is a football league that spans the United States and Canada with upwards of over 90 teams. The landscape of minor league football is an ever-changing and difficult landscape to follow however the GDFL has continued to push forward through the years with many challenges yet still reaching attainable goals.

“Out theme this upcoming season is to leave “no doubt” about the GDFL being the top league in the nation as far as pro development is concerned. We want to set the standard that others are measured by. We want teams and franchises to understand this is not just a league but they are apart of building a legacy”, said GDFL commissioner Charles Thompson .

The previous GDFL champions are the Carolina Warriors (now known as the South Carolina Venom) in 2010, Chambersburg Cardinals in 2011 and the Central Penn Piranha in 2012. Memphis, TN, Atlanta, GA and Chambersburg, PA have hosted the previous three GDFL championship games.

“Our focus this year is solely on pro development and building a solid foundation within our organizations including all aspects from business to on the field performance”, Thompson stated.

The 2013 GDFL regular season will begin the weekend of May 4th 2013.

Total Sports Coverage will have updates from the GDFL League office from these owners meetings as they are made available.


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