Solid Sophomore: Antonio Wimbush of Camden County

Here at Total Sports Coverage we love our High School Football but we really love current Sophomore’s that are making noise or showing us glimpses of what the future will hold for them in the high school game and potentially further.

Running back Antonio Wimbush of Camden County (GA) put in major work over the summer to prepare for his sophomore season. Wimbush worked with Explosive Sports Training over the summer and attended camp at the University of Florida with plans to attend their camp again this summer in addition to working with Explosive Sports Training. He also plans on attending camps at Georgia and South Carolina and Wing-T camps with his Camden County team.

“Working with [Explosive Sports Training] over the summer and going to the camps just made me a better football player and helped me improve on my overall game. Brice [Ramsey] worked with them and has had success that helped get him to Georgia so I’m hoping that they can help me”, Wimbush said.

Brice Ramsey recently received his Under Armour All-American jersey and became the first ever Explosive Sports Training product to be named an Under Armour All-American.

Explosive Sports Training offers smaller trainer-to-athlete ratios and per their mission statement, “[EST] strives to develop the highest quality student-athlete and performance to create a competitive-edge that is second to none”.

For many outside of the Coastal Georgia and First Coast regions of Florida, their first introduction to Wimbush was the 2012 Corky Kell Classic to open the 2012 season in a 42-0 win by the Wildcats over Peachtree Ridge. In that game Wimbush carried the ball only 8 times for 33 yards rushing and did not score but showed flashes of things to come and how he’ll fit into the Camden Wing-T offense over the next few seasons. Through seven games in 2012 Wimbush has racked up 237 yards on the ground on 42 carries, 64 yards receiving, 117 yards on 5 punt returns, 54 yards on 2 kickoff returns and has 5 total touchdowns. Those may not be eye-popping numbers yet keep in mind Camden has had 22 different players carry the ball this season and he is the squads 3rd leading rusher behind senior J.J. Green (466 yards) and junior Kalvaraz Bessent (324 yards).

“I like the Wing-T because the running backs get the ball most of the time and I’m a running back”, Wimbush said. “I started out as the fullback and I’m playing there mostly this season but I’m a running back or wing back if you want to call it that by nature”, he added. He also noted that credit must be given to the offensive line “because without them we can’t make any of the plays we make, it takes a total team effort”.

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Antonio was introduced to the game of football around the age of 5 when his father loaded him up in the car and did not tell him where they were going. His dad took him to a park where football was being played and from there he developed the desire to play. Football is not his only athletic gift Antonio possesses as he also plays baseball holding down the outfield and bats from the right side of the plate.

“Antonio overall is a very gifted athlete. His intangibles, versatility, Football IQ and explosiveness are what make him so good”, said Calvin Wilson a trainer with Explosive Sports Training. “For him to be starting as a sophomore at a program such as Camden County speaks for itself”, Wilson added.

Camden County has won three Georgia State Championships at the highest class since 2003 under head coach Jeff Herron and has advanced past the first round of the state playoffs every season except his first at the school in 2000.

In fact Wimbush began fielding punts during the middle of his freshman season in 2011 beside “Mr. All Everything” J.J. Green. Green, who is committed to Georgia, has started every game since stepping foot on the Camden County High School campus and is currently second on the school’s All-Time scoring list with 264 points (44 touchdowns).

“J.J. pushes me to do what I need to do, shows me how to be a leader and teaching me what to do in certain situations”, Wimbush responded when asked about playing beside J.J. Green for the past season and a half.

With his future bright and being so young, Wimbush says he puts his faith in God to help him remain focused and grounded.

What about playing for a program like Camden County, what makes it so special?

“The fans. They are dedicated and they support you and it’s a great feeling to make a play and have them cheering for you”, Wimbush said.

The fun facts about Antonio Wimbush include Chicken Alfredo as his favorite food. Martin as his favorite television show and when he is not playing football or baseball he loves spending time with his younger siblings and wants to provide them with a positive role model. He also enjoys Math and wants to study something in the business field in college with the desire to be an entrepreneur. Family is very important to Antonio as he says without his mother’s positive influence he would not have the opportunities he has today. Although his father first introduced him to football, he isn’t around much now however he noted they do talk from time to time and that having his step-father there is also just as important.

Antonio Wimbush of the Camden County Wildcats is currently 5’7 171lbs and runs a 4.58 and will be giving team after team headaches for seasons to come.  A “Solid Sophomore”.


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