McEachern Wins At The End Over Marietta

The McEachern Indians entered their game against county and region rival  Marietta 1-2 and both of their losses came to teams that have been highly touted across the nation (Grayson-Nkemdiche at DL/RB and Walton-Jones at RB).

Both Grayson (to Parkview) and Walton (to McEachern Region foe North Cobb) fell and fell hard last week. McEachern won in less than impressive fashion against Pebblebrook last week and so enter Marietta. Marietta came to Walter Cantrell Stadium with a very viable quarterback in Anthony Jennings, who is going to LSU as of today, and an offense that can score and score in multiple ways. Jennings passed for 280 yards and two touchdowns and rushed for 90 yards.

However Marietta/McEachern runs deep dating back to 1972 and well you have to line up and play because that’s all you really can go do . McEachern pulled out a win is the most classic of fashions as Ty Clemons found Chris Okeh for a successful two-point conversation to give the Indians a 29-28 lead with 30 seconds left and their defense would hold for the win.

The starting McEachern quarterback, Ty Clemons was 10-16 passing for 112 yards and tacked on 33 yards rushing. The Indians second quarterback Ty Griffin tallied 168 yards rushing and three touchdowns while passing for 10 yards on 1-2 passing. Both Clemons and Griffin played much of the game on the field at the same time and it was Griffin’s first action of the second since an ankle injury in the season opener against Grayson.

iBN Sports had the coverage and you can see it now. If you want to get to the “good stuff” the stuff that won the game seek ahead to the 2:48.00 mark of the footage where McEachern took over with 1:58 left in the fourth quarter trailing by 7 with one more drive and one more special play in their playbook left.

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