GDFL Issues Mandatory Heat Advisory Rule Effective Beginning June 30th

The GDFL League Office has issued the following Heat Advisory Rule in effect for ga,me played beginning the week of June 30th until further notice. The mid mark is defined as  the halfway point of the quarter is when the Heat Advisory Rule will need to be adhered to.

The mid mark of the quarter is determined as from the 8:00 minute mark to the 7:00 minute mark  of the quarter but may not interrupt a current drive so as to not break the natural momentum of the game, in such case the Heat Advisory Rule will need to be adhered to between the change of possession during this time or as close to it as possible without directly influencing the natural flow and momentum of the game. The Head Official is responsible for ensuring that the Heat Advisory Rule is adhered to per GDFL league office guidelines.

The GDFL League Office will be available if there are questions or concerns as far as the Heat Advisory Rule is concerned.

Below is the official statement and release from the GDFL league office on the Heat Advisory Rule.

From the GDFL League Office:

GDFL Heat Advisory in effect..Temperatures are expected to read 104′ in some areas.

All GDFL games, until further notice, will have a Mandatory 2:00 to 5:00 min cool down and hydration break, at the discretion of the head official for duration at the mid mark, or as close as possible, of each quarter.

This will be an official time out and will not count towards either teams time outs. The Head Official will be responsible for the timing of the cool down period. NO TEAM may initiate the cool down period, but must notify the Head Official at the halfway mark of each quarter.

All Players are required to remove their helmets and hydrate during this period. Halftime will be no less than 15 minutes for any game while under this notice and the Head Official may initiate a cool down period of 2:00 to 5:00 minutes at the end of the 1st and 3rd Quarter. Any team who forces another team, or plays a period without the mandatory cool down period will be subject to forfeiture of game.

Also all coaching staffs should be on the look out for signs of Heat Stroke, Exhaustion, Dehydration and a host of heat related illness.. Let stay safe out there!

Once the heat wave breaks we will lift this mandatory requirement, but until you are notified, it is in effect.


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