Total Sports Coverage GDFL Top 25

The following Top 25 poll of the minor league football GDFL has been composed by Total Sports Coverage. This poll is not in conjunction with the GDFL Top 25 and is INDEPENDENT of the GDFL Top 25 which will be released later.

Total Sports Coverage Top 25 GDFL

1. Pacifica Islanders – 8-0
2. Central Penn Piranha – 3-0
3. OKC Diamondbacks – 2-0
4. Inglewood Blackhawks – 0-0
5. Greenville Seminoles – 2-0
6. Fayetteville Horizon – 3-0
7. Hampton Road Redskins – 1-0
8. Chambersburg Cardinals 0-1
9. Louisiana Bayou Vipers – 2-0
10. South Buffalo Celtics – 2-0
11. Indianapolis Tornados – 2-0
12. Carolina Venom – 2-0
13. South Georgia Sting 2-0
14. Oklahoma Thunder 2-1
15. Palmetto Havoc 3-0
16. Buckeye Bearcats 3-0
17. Clarksville Wolfpack 3-0
18. Camp Lejeune Bulldogs 2-0
19. Prince William Monarchs 3-0
20. Christian County Outlaws 3-0
21. Western Pa Wildcatz 3-0
22. East Carolina Eagles 3-0
23. Kentucky Wolverines 2-1
25. Florida Falcons- 1-0 (2), Georgia Jets 1-0-1, Georgia Crush 2-0

27 teams in all. The regular season will play it self out and there will be a playoff, so why the rankings. In Minor league football, rankings still matter in the overall scheme of things. Playoffs enhance and justify those rankings. Every division has a team in the Top 25 minus the Labelle South,  Ohio Valley South (Ohio Golden Knights at 2-1 lead division) and H.O.T.S East and West divisions. Several of those teams are scheduled to go through teams and divisions that have ranked opponents.

There is a 3-way tie at No.25. Two of the teams were previously ranked. All three teams are worthy of rankings despite not-so-pretty performances last week and it will play out as the season continues.

Total Sports Coverage will not release a ranking of the GDFL weekly, only on occasion.


2 thoughts on “Total Sports Coverage GDFL Top 25”

  1. Thanks for the love, hard work pays off.
    but still have a long road to go.GA CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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