Georgia Jets Dominate In Season Opener: Atlanta Chiefs Head Coach Resigns

The Georgia Jets were anxious to get on the field especially after arriving at the stadium 2 hours prior to kickoff and not being able to get in due to a mix up in scheduling. After the gates were unlocked the Jets did not hold back in routing the Atlanta-Fulton County Rams 34-6.

Jets Take Off to 1-0 Start

Darius Harrell got it started on the first play of scrimmage intercepting Rams quarterback Anthony London giving the Jets excellent position early in the contest. The Jets would cash it in a few plays later on a Detronn Harris to Nick Miller 5-yard touchdown pass for a 6-0 Jets advantage. Later the Jets were looking for more points but Harris fumbled on a boot leg out to the wide side,  Anthony Green scooped it up and raced  70 yards for a touchdown yet it was called back by and unnecessary block in the back  by Rams DB Courtney Jackson. Jackson blocked an offensive linemen who had given up on the play 15 yards behind Green as he crossed the goal line, the Rams would eventually have to punt, killing their momentum from the turnover.

The Jets dominated the second quarter as the Atlanta-Fulton County Rams did not run one offensive play in the quarter, however the Jets would only cash in 8 points on a 1-yard touchdown run by Harris with less than 10 seconds remaining in the quarter. The Rams fumbled a punt that the Jets recovered, committed a roughing the kicker penalty the next time the Jets had to punt the Rams had a personal foul penalty on 2nd and long to keep the Jets mammoth 2nd quarter drive alive, it would result in the Harris touchdown run. Harris would convert the two-point conversion  for a 14-0 Jets halftime lead.

In the second half things would only get worse for the Atlanta-Fulton County Rams as their first four possessions of the half all ended with a turnover. The Rams committed 8 turnovers in the game throwing two interceptions and giving away 6 fumbles, 5 of the turnovers came in the second half.

The Jets would only turn three of those second half  turnovers into points. Early in the fourth quarter a 7-yard Smiley Jones touchdown run capped a 3-play 23-yard drive set up by a 17-yard Harris run. Harris would convert the two-point conversion for a 22-0 Jets lead. After getting another Rams turnover the Jets were unable to score despite getting in the red zone. For the game the Jets were 3-of-7 inside the 20. On the next play after the Jets turned it over on downs, Dominique Clark and Anthony Barbour forced a Rams fumble that linebacker Greg Edwards would recover and score for a touchdown and a 28-0 Jets advantage.

Atlanta-Fulton County would finally put together a drive going 60 yards in 4 plays, the drive was aided by 20 yards of penalties by the Jets. Lynell Hawkins would score from 1-yard out to make it 28-6 for the lone bright spot for the Rams.

Later in the fourth first-year Jet, Keith Anthony’s interception set up another first-year Jet Fred Byars for the ultimate highlight of the game. Byars took a handoff and was hit dead to rights behind the line of scrimmage by a Ram defender, Byars pulled away and raced 36 yards for the game sealing touchdown and a 34-6  Jets lead.

“I was very pleased with the team. The Atlanta-Fulton County Rams, I feel like they are pretty good team.  So we definitely knew it was going to be a tough game. I’m proud of the guys because we see what type of team we got to come out here and to beat the Rams  the way we did, and to be as out of sync as were on offense, I feel like we have a great team, I do feel we like we need to tighten up upfront”, Head Coach Detronn Harris said afterwards.

Throughout minor league football showings at practice are not what they should be. Jets receiver  Cole Stevenson, who led the squad last season in touchdowns in 2011 did not see the field in the first quarter and a half of the game, Stevenson finished with zero catches in the game and could have had one on a route but his timing was off. Coach Harris did not shy away from addressing it and included his standout wide receiver.

Cole Stevenson did not have a catch for the first time as a Georgia Jet

“Yes we need to be a little more consistent with the offensive lineman being at practice, that line that we saw tonight played well but that line will not be the line that we are  going with throughout the season.” Harris stated.  “I have to say it because he’s one of my go to guys, but Cole [Stevenson] this was his first day back  and it was on the game field. I let him know about it, it showed and he need to understand how valuable practice is. I’m  definitely glad he came to the game got a chance to get his feet wet a little bit I made him wait a little bit , he needs to step it up and continue on through the season,” Harris said.

The Jets won their opening game in the GDFL for the second straight season and did it defeating former and first ever Georgia Jets head coach Jerome Davis. Davis coached the game from the press box.

“When you have good coaches, and the right people in place you don’t have to do everything “, Davis said before the game. Davis was not available for comment after the game.

2012 Season Strong Out The Gate

Since Davis was let go from the Jets mid-season with a 7-1 record in 2009, he is 1-3 against the Jets, losing the last 3  games including a minor league championship game in 2010 in the SFL as the head coach of the Atlanta Chiefs.

The Jets will hit the road next week to face the Atlanta Chiefs (1-1)  next weekend. The Chiefs defeated the Georgia Knights 16-2 over the weekend and are looking for a new head coach as Ty Johnson resigned last week.

“I have personal issues and kids in school and that needs to be respected. The Chiefs did not respect that or what I have going on personally so it was best that I step away and I wish the Chiefs the best on their interest going  forward however I thought for me it was best to step away”, Johnson said earlier in the week when contacted about his resignation. Johnson coached the Chiefs for one season and was 5-5 with two 2 losses to the Georgia Jets.

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