GDFL Issues Mandatory Heat Advisory Rule Effective Beginning June 30th

The GDFL League Office has issued the following Heat Advisory Rule in effect for ga,me played beginning the week of June 30th until further notice. The mid mark is defined as  the halfway point of the quarter is when the Heat Advisory Rule will need to be adhered to.

The mid mark of the quarter is determined as from the 8:00 minute mark to the 7:00 minute mark  of the quarter but may not interrupt a current drive so as to not break the natural momentum of the game, in such case the Heat Advisory Rule will need to be adhered to between the change of possession during this time or as close to it as possible without directly influencing the natural flow and momentum of the game. The Head Official is responsible for ensuring that the Heat Advisory Rule is adhered to per GDFL league office guidelines.

The GDFL League Office will be available if there are questions or concerns as far as the Heat Advisory Rule is concerned.

Below is the official statement and release from the GDFL league office on the Heat Advisory Rule.

From the GDFL League Office:

GDFL Heat Advisory in effect..Temperatures are expected to read 104′ in some areas.

All GDFL games, until further notice, will have a Mandatory 2:00 to 5:00 min cool down and hydration break, at the discretion of the head official for duration at the mid mark, or as close as possible, of each quarter.

This will be an official time out and will not count towards either teams time outs. The Head Official will be responsible for the timing of the cool down period. NO TEAM may initiate the cool down period, but must notify the Head Official at the halfway mark of each quarter.

All Players are required to remove their helmets and hydrate during this period. Halftime will be no less than 15 minutes for any game while under this notice and the Head Official may initiate a cool down period of 2:00 to 5:00 minutes at the end of the 1st and 3rd Quarter. Any team who forces another team, or plays a period without the mandatory cool down period will be subject to forfeiture of game.

Also all coaching staffs should be on the look out for signs of Heat Stroke, Exhaustion, Dehydration and a host of heat related illness.. Let stay safe out there!

Once the heat wave breaks we will lift this mandatory requirement, but until you are notified, it is in effect.

GDFL Week 5 Top 25; Key Week 5 Games

The GDFL has released their latest Top 25 rankings. As week 5 is upon us here are some key match ups around the league including the Game of the Week.

Game of the Week: No.6 Greenville Seminoles (3-0) vs No.12 South Carolina Venom (4-0); Greenville has outscored their opponents 141-2 so far this season.

Other Key Match ups: No.3 Oklahoma City Diamondbacks (3-0) vs No.14 Oklahoma Thunder (3-1); An earlier than expected rematch between the two teams as the Diamondbacks sent a statement winning the first meeting this season 40-23.

No.7 Fayetteville Horizon (4-0) vs No.23 East Carolina Eagles (4-0)

No.8 Hampton Road Redskinz (2-0) vs No.17 Prince William Monarchs (4-0)

No.24 Georgia Canes (2-0) vs No.25 Georgia Jets (1-0-1); First ever meeting between the two teams that have won 3 combined minor league football championships since 2010.

GDFL Top 25 heading into Week 5:

1. Central Penn Piranha – 4-0
2. Pacifica Islanders – 9-0
3. OKC Diamondbacks – 3-0
4. Inglewood Blackhawks – 0-0
5. Chambersburg Cardinals – 1-1
6. Greenville Seminoles – 3-0
7. Fayetteville Horizon – 4-0
8. Hampton Road Redskins – 2-0
9. Louisiana Bayou Vipers – 3-0
10. South Buffalo Celtics – 3-0
11. Indianapolis Tornados – 4-0
12. Carolina Venom – 4-0
13. South Georgia Sting – 2-0
14. Oklahoma Thunder – 3-1
15. Clarksville Wolfpack – 4-0
16. Buckeye Bearcats- 4-0
17. Palmetto Havoc-4-0
18. Prince William Monarchs – 4-0
19. Florida Falcons- 3-0
20. Georgia Crush – 2-0
21. Kentucky Wolverines- 3-1
22.East Carolina Eagles- 4-0
23. Cuyahoga County Spartans- 3-0
24. Georgia Canes – 2-0
25. Georgia Jets- 1-0-1

Follow the GDFL @THEGDFL and @tsportscoverage on Twitter for instant game scores and updates as they become available over the weekend.

GDFL Week 4 Scores…

Here are the scores and game recaps from around the GDFL in Week 4 action.

GDFL Week 4 Action

Week 4 GDFL Scores:

DC Explosion 20 South Jersey Lynx 14 Final/OT

Indianapolis Tornados 22 Christian County Outlaws 19 Game Recap

Fayetteville Horizon 35 Camp Lejeune Bulldogs 7

Oklahoma Diamondbacks 82 Oklahoma Warriors 6

Florida Falcons 24 South Georgia Blue Lions 0; Game Video

Central Penn Piranha 37 Lancaster Lightning 0

Palmetto Havoc 14 Low Country Bone Crushers 6

South Carolina Venom 61 Carolina Silverhawks 14

Chambersburg Cardinals 63 Waynesboro-Franklin County Tigers 0 Game Recap

Cuyahoga County Spartans 22 Ohio Golden Knights 14

Pittsburgh Cobras 22 Western Pa Wildcatz 7

Pacifica Islanders 59 Nevada Dream 7; Islanders win GDFL WEST- Pacific Division Championship Game Recap

Memphis Panthers 28 Mississippi Stallions 0

Greenville Seminoles 76  Greenville Greyhounds 0; The Seminoles have outscored their first three opponents 141-2 this season

East Carolina Eagles 50 Triangle Nighthawks 6

Virginia Lions 36 DMV Enforcers 6

Prince William Monarchs 9  Montgomery County Rams 2

Beaufort Hornets 66  Bluffton Buffaloes 0; Bluffton is 0-4 and has been outscored 235-0 this season.

Hampton Road Redskins 76  Metro Nemesis 0

Tri-County Heroes 22 Mississippi Raiders 14

South Buffalo Celtics 33  Watertown Red & Black 5

Monroe County Sting 22  Lackawanna Dynasty 8

Grand Rapids Thunder 33  Motor City Jaguars 0 (GMFL)

Delta Blaze 27  Emerald Coast Scorpions 6

Tennessee Hurricanes 44 Memphis Blast 14

Buckeye Bearcats 98 Akron Silverhawks 6; Bearcats tie GDFL record for points in a game with 98.

Oklahoma Thunder 41 St. Louis Bulldogs 34

Derby City Thunder 14 Kentucky Reapers 9

Muhlenberg Miners 22 Owensboro Wildcats 14

East Central Missouri Eagles 83 Springfield Headhunters 0

Clarksville Wolfpack 21 Clarksville Eagles 8

Kentucky Wolverines 49 Tennessee Central Xpress 7

Greensburg Panthers 49 Pittsburgh Stealth 14

Total Sports Coverage GDFL Top 25

The following Top 25 poll of the minor league football GDFL has been composed by Total Sports Coverage. This poll is not in conjunction with the GDFL Top 25 and is INDEPENDENT of the GDFL Top 25 which will be released later.

Total Sports Coverage Top 25 GDFL

1. Pacifica Islanders – 8-0
2. Central Penn Piranha – 3-0
3. OKC Diamondbacks – 2-0
4. Inglewood Blackhawks – 0-0
5. Greenville Seminoles – 2-0
6. Fayetteville Horizon – 3-0
7. Hampton Road Redskins – 1-0
8. Chambersburg Cardinals 0-1
9. Louisiana Bayou Vipers – 2-0
10. South Buffalo Celtics – 2-0
11. Indianapolis Tornados – 2-0
12. Carolina Venom – 2-0
13. South Georgia Sting 2-0
14. Oklahoma Thunder 2-1
15. Palmetto Havoc 3-0
16. Buckeye Bearcats 3-0
17. Clarksville Wolfpack 3-0
18. Camp Lejeune Bulldogs 2-0
19. Prince William Monarchs 3-0
20. Christian County Outlaws 3-0
21. Western Pa Wildcatz 3-0
22. East Carolina Eagles 3-0
23. Kentucky Wolverines 2-1
25. Florida Falcons- 1-0 (2), Georgia Jets 1-0-1, Georgia Crush 2-0

27 teams in all. The regular season will play it self out and there will be a playoff, so why the rankings. In Minor league football, rankings still matter in the overall scheme of things. Playoffs enhance and justify those rankings. Every division has a team in the Top 25 minus the Labelle South,  Ohio Valley South (Ohio Golden Knights at 2-1 lead division) and H.O.T.S East and West divisions. Several of those teams are scheduled to go through teams and divisions that have ranked opponents.

There is a 3-way tie at No.25. Two of the teams were previously ranked. All three teams are worthy of rankings despite not-so-pretty performances last week and it will play out as the season continues.

Total Sports Coverage will not release a ranking of the GDFL weekly, only on occasion.

Jets Tie Chiefs; GDFL Peach State Division Wide Open

The Atlanta Chiefs head coach resigned prior to the regular season beginning and there has been no official announcement of a new coach being named. Owner Stan Gay was listed on the game program as head coach. The Chiefs were in as new home and entertaining the Georgia Jets, A rivalry that was born in 2010 in the Southern Football League when the teams were scheduled to met in the annual Southern Football League Classic, an exhibition game held a week prior tot he season starting. The squads didn’t play and with a change in the regular season schedule they would only meet once during the regular season.

The Chiefs would win that regular season meeting 17-6. The Jets would go on to win their next meeting in the 2010 Southern Football League Championship 7-0 in dramatic fashion and lead the overall series 3-1-1. Both teams now play in the national Gridiron Development Football League (GDFL).

This past weekend the teams met for their fifth time in their history. It would mark the first tie in either teams history. Here is a report on the game.

The Chiefs and Jets will meet again at the Jets home field of Twelve Oaks Stadium in Hampton, GA. That contest could way heavy in the playoffs picture at that time of the season especially with both teams having a tie on their record.

Complete Week 3 GDFL Scoreboard

The GDFL Week 3 Game of the Week  featured the No.1 Chambersburg Cardinals opening their season against the No.3 Central Penn Piranha, who entered the contest at 2-0. Chambersburg was seeking to pick off right where they left off last season and prove they were ready to make another championship run. However the Central Penn Piranha proved to be too much as they overcame a third quarter deficit to improve to 3-0 with a 24-17 win over the defending GDFL National Champion. Game recap.

Week 3 Top 25 Scores:

No.6 Greenville Seminoles 25  No.24 Carolina Falcons 2

No.7 Fayetteville Horizon 32 Carolina Warhawks 6

No.10 South Buffalo Celtics 55  Rochester Renegades 6

No.11 Indianapolis Tornados 27  Derby City Thunder 8

No.12 Carolina Venom 40  Greenville Greyhounds 0

No.14 South Georgia Sting 62 South Georgia Blue Lions 0

No.15 Oklahoma Thunder 50 Tennessee Hurricanes 6

No.16 Georgia Jets 6 Atlanta Chiefs 6 (OT)

No.19 Camp Lejeune Bulldogs 45 Triangle Nighthawks 0

No.18 Buckeye Bearcats 24  Cleveland Saints 17

No. 20 Clarksville Wolpack 21 No. 13 Kentucky Wolverines 20

No. 21 Prince William Monarchs 19  Metro Nemesis 8

No.22 Florida Falcons 14 South Georgia War Eagles 12

Oklahoma Warriors 38 No.23 St. Louis Bulldogs 32

No.25 Christian County Outlaws 49 vs Owensboro Wildcats 0

Other GDFL Week 3 Scores:

Louisiana Spartans 7 Memphis Blast 2

Lake Norman Fear 26 Carolina Silverhawks 8

Georgia Crush 13 Atlanta-Fulton County Rams 6

Emerald Coast Scorpions 22 Tri-County Heroes 7

Virginia Lions 27 Virginia Assassins 8

Lehigh Valley Storm 28 D.C. Explosion 14

South Jersey Lynx 20  Lancaster Lightning 0

Lockport Rage 18 Lackawanna Dynasty 12 (OT)

DMV Enforcers 19 Baltimore Broncos 0

East Carolina Eagles 20 North Carolina Bengals 0

Carolina Brigade 36  Chapel Hill Rams 20

Low Country Bone Crushers 20 Hilton Head Sharks 14

Georgia Canes 79  Georgia Falcons 6

PGH Cobras 48  MonValley Mayhem 14

Western PA Wildcatz 35  Greensburg Panthers 27

Butler County Bears 28  Pittsburgh Stealth 21

Steel City Patriots 28 London Silverbacks 18

Ohio Golden Knights 40  Columbus Gladiators 37

Kentucky Reapers 28 vs Clarksville Eagles 6

Tennessee Central Xpress 24 vs. Muhlenberg Miners 6

Mississippi Stallions 18  Pike County Iron horse 14

Delta Blaze 30 vs Lee County Tiger-Cats 0

Springfield Foxes 27  East Central Missouri Eagles 14

North Georgia Bulldogs 33 Alabama Trojans 27

Georgia Knights 30 West Georgia Falcons 20

There should be some interesting movement in this weeks GDFL Top 25 once it is released by the league this week.

Byrnes Wins Second Straight 7 on 7; Tops Bergen Catholic To Win Palmetto State Showcase

The Byrnes Rebels are rolling this summer on their 7 on 7 rounds as they prepare for the 2012 Season. The Rebels won their very own Palmetto State Showdown over the weekend for the third time in five years.

Despite it being 7 on 7 , the Rebels “A” team showed that they are primed and ready to make a serious run at a third straight South Carolina State Championship while seeking to up their national presence, which is already a staple in the program located and supported by the city of Duncan, SC.

Bergen Catholic and Byrnes split in their two meetings at the Palmetto State Showdown Passing Tournament

Byrnes had their 13 game 7 on 7 winning streak snapped in their second game of pool play this weekend with a 28-27 loss to Hillside-Durham (NC) adding late scores for window dressing. Byrnes “A” would finish 8-2 in pool play, the other loss came to Bergen Catholic when Shaedon Meadors had a pass glance off his hands in the end zone as time expired giving Bergen Catholic the 36-30 thrilling win.

The Rebels would enter the “playoff” portion of the Showdown as the overall No.2 seed behind unbeaten Bergen Catholic (10-0). The Rebels defeated Brunswick and North Gwinnett to advance to the finals and earn another shot at Bergen Catholic. Bergen Catholic defeated Byrnes B and Myrtle Beach to advance to the finals.

In the championship games Byrnes fell behind 21-13 after Bergen Catholic’s Kyle Queiro intercepted Shuler Bentley pass in the end zone. Bergen Catholic would then march to the doorstep behind the arm of  quarterback Jon Germano but DJ Henderson of Byrnes would intercept a deflected pass in the end zone and Byrnes was in business trailing 21-16 and getting the ball back.

The Rebels would cash in on the opportunity as Tournament Co-MVP Shuler Bentley would find the Tournament ‘s Top Wide Receiver Greg McHam in the end zone on third down (the last down in 7 on 7 action) for a touchdown. The 1-point PAT was good and Byrnes held a 23-21 lead with 23 seconds left.

The Byrnes Rebels won the Palmetto State Showdown Passing Tournament for the third time in the events five-year history.

Jon Germano ,the tournaments other Co-MVP winner, hit JJ Kulcsar on a big gainer across the middle for a first down with 14 seconds left. Two plays later everything was in the balance for Bergen Catholic’s offense and Byrnes’ defense. The roles were reversed from their earlier meeting in pool play where Byrnes’ offense had the last shot. With 5 seconds left Jon Germano went to the right corner but Dashon Pitts of Byrnes broke up the pass giving Byrnes the win 23-21.

“I knew my defense would give me another shot”, Byrnes quarterback Shuler Bentley said when asked about his interception. “My mindset was get the ball back and score”, he added.

Byrnes A Team has complied a 23-2 record in their last two passing tournaments while the Byrnes B team has compiled a 16-6 record. All total Byrnes is 39-8 in their last two passing tournaments.

“7 on 7 is 7 on 7. This championship win and the one last week doesn’t mean it will relate to winning a State Championship but it’s good work and I give the credit to my teammates and coaches. Bergen Catholic is fast on defense, very well coached and they give you trouble in their secondary”, Bentley said

Yes you must take 7 on 7 with a grain of salt however you cannot discount the reps and experience it chalks up. 7 on 7 is growing across the country as many see the positives of participating.

“Were a running team but your going to have to pass at some point and I want my guys ready for those situations both on offense and defense”, one coach, who wanted to remain unnamed said.

Other coaches echoed those statements  while keeping it all in perspective.

“Yea we wanna win but we came down here to get better. To do that we felt we had to up our profile and play top teams, even if it was just 7 on 7” another unnamed coach stated.

Bergen Catholic finished the tournament with a highly impressive 13-1 mark after only having three days of practice before coming south. Their 2012 schedule is littered with high-profile games with a trip to Bishop Gorman (NV), a visit from Cocoa (FL), a season ending date with Paramus Catholic and the ever important meeting with Don Bosco (NJ).  Bergen Catholic is ranked as high as No. 17 in some preseason rankings.

You can see their pool play game here and their championship game here.

Scoring Recap:

BC- Germano Touchdown Pass (PAT no good) BC 6-0
Byrnes- Bentley to McHam (PAT no good) Tied 6-6
BC- Germano To Kulcsar (PAT no good) BC 12-6
Byrnes- Bentley to Booker (1pt PAT good) Byrnes 13-12
BC- Germano to Dawson (2pt PAT no good) BC 18-13
BC- K.Quiero Interception BC 21-13
Byrnes- Henderson Interception BC 21-16
Byrnes- Bentley to McHam (1pt PAT good)Byrnes 23-21

GDFL Top 25 Heading Into Week 3

The GDFL released the first regular season Top 25 poll for the 2012 season through games played on June 9th 2012 (Week 2). The defending champion Chambersburg Cardinals are No.1 despite playing a 2012 regular season game. The GDFL followed the model it set when the league opened for operation in 2010 where the champ is ranked No. 1 until it is beaten. Note that this is the first season that the GDFL has had west coast teams and those teams began playing early as to honor season contracts with teams and venues that were reached before joining the GDFL.

1. Chambersburg Cardinals – 0-0
2. Pacifica Islanders – 8-0
3. Central Penn Piranha – 2-0
4. OKC Diamondbacks – 2-0
5. Inglewood Blackhawks – 0-0
6. Greenville Seminoles – 1-0
7. Fayetteville Horizon – 2-0
8. Hampton Road Redskins – 1-0
9. Louisiana Bayou Vipers – 2-0
10. South Buffalo Celtics – 1-0
11. Indianapolis Tornados – 2-0
12. Carolina Venom – 2-0
13. Kentucky Wolverines- 2-0
14. South Georgia Sting – 0-0
15. Oklahoma Thunder – 1-1
16. Georgia Jets- 1-0
17. Palmetto Havoc- 2-0
18. Buckeye Bearcats- 2-0
19. Camp Lejeune Bulldogs- 2-0
20. Clarksville Wolfpack – 2-0
21. Prince William Monarchs – 2-0
22. Florida Falcons- 0-0
23. St. Louis Bulldogs – 2-0
24. Carolina Falcons – 1-0
25. Christian County Outlaws – 2-0

Orlando To Host 2012 GDFL National Championship Game

The GDFL announced  that the 2012 GDFL National Championship game will be played in Orlando, FL. This will be the third championship game in the leagues history. The 2010 game was played in the Memphis, TN the headquarters for the GDFL and in 2011 Atlanta, GA hosted the event. The Carolina Warriors won the 2010 National Championship while the Chambersburg Cardinals completed an undefeated season in Atlanta by winning the 2011 GDFL National Championship.

“The City Of Orlando  gave us a perfect opportunity to market our league in a great city with great venues and plenty of things to do from Disney to Cocca Beach to many other area attractions. We feel the players and fans will enjoy being able to take in good football and a vacation in the Sunshine state”, said GDFL president Charles Thompson

The Florida Citrus Bowl will host the 2012 GDFL National Championship Game

The 2012 GDFL National Championship game will be played at the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL on October 13th. Orlando beat out Atlanta, Memphis,  Las Vegas and Shreveport, LA for the event.

Video: Gainesville Defeats North Marion In 2012 Spring Game

The Gainesville Purple Hurricanes had their bid for a state championship derailed by the powerhouse known as Armwood (Seffner, FL) in 2011, losing 17-14 in the state playoffs Armwood has since had to vacate their championship due to team violations. The Purple Hurricanes brought back plenty of talent from that deep playoff run including wideout Chris Thompson who put on quite the show in this ballgame.

North Marin entered the game trying to replace standouts in the likes of WR/DB LaTroy Pittman (Florida), RB Jamie Gilmore (Temple), Sean Price (South Florida) and quarterback Chase Tuten (Southern University).

Senior Reggie Wilkerson (Georgia) ran quarterback for the team as he is the best athlete on the team.

“Oh man Reggie is an athlete, he can do whatever you need him to do on the football field and he is an outstanding kid”, North Marion head coach Craig Damon said.

Wilkerson was recently selected to participate in the Nike invitational camp “The Opening” to be held in early July in Oregon.

Here is a preview of both squads in the highlight form from their 2012 Spring game in which Gainesville won 35-7.