GDFL Preseason Top 25

The Gridiron Developmental Football League 2012 season is getting closer and with that the league released the Preseason Top 25 rankings. Sitting at the top are the defending 2011 GDFL National Champions the Chambersburg Cardinals.

“We want to show the teams, not only the teams that play good football but if you look at the top-tier teams of the league they do good business on this level, they are going beyond the football field and turning their team into a franchise. If you do good business your able to put together a good product on the field and a good investment. At this level that is what people are looking to see,” Charles Thompson stated about the rankings.

The Preseason Top 25 includes 18 teams that were in the 2011 playoffs , 6 teams who are in their first season in the GDFL . The Florida Falcons are the lone ranked team that did not the make playoffs playing in one of the stronger divisions last season.

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