Total Sports Coverage…What Are We…What Is It?

Total Sports Coverage Mission Statement IS…

“Our quest is to bring premium sports broadcast to the internet covering the sports landscapes that normally would not receive optimum coverage.”

Those landscapes include High School sports with a focus on Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track & Field however provides coverage in ALL High School Sports when able.

Total Sports Coverage is "On The Scene"

Those landscapes also include Minor League Football. There are plenty of minor league football leagues in the Untied State that you may not have even known about even if they were in your own backyard.

By nature we as people love winning and competing period. Minor League Football needs a filter before it can gain the amount of respect it has shown it can desire. That filtering process is in motion. The growth and success of these involved in minor league football will be revealed during the 2012 season schedule of said teams/leagues in which these stories uprooted from.

We at Total Sports Coverage are all about what the name suggest…TOTAL Sports Coverage. We will be broadcasting over 30 high school and minor league football games before 2012 is out (whether via on site broadcast coverage or simulcast coverage) with multiple correspondents located in multiple areas for first hand reports, information and insight for games where we will not broadcast AND where we may have a broadcast crew. Much is in the works at Total Sports Coverage with one simple goal and aspect in mind. Serving the fans, players, coaches, administration and parents that realize there is more talent out there that is receiving coverage.

Exclusive interviews and updates are coming to Total Sports Coverage from around the landscape that IS sports soon so make sure you follow us on Twittter @tsportscoverage and like us on Facebook  at Total Sports Coverage and varies other platforms. We also would like to send an extended thanks to our sponsors and those that support Total Sports Coverage understanding the task and mission at hand.

For all Total Sports Coverage Archive Coverage please go here. We welcome ALL Feedback. We’ll see you in 2012

“Study and Learn hard and Play Harder”


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