The Alabama Crimson Bengals 2012 Season Underway

The Alabama Crimson Bengals are a focused bunch, a bunch that works hard on and off the field to build a successful program while priding themselves on having a respectable program. That hard work paid off when there won the 2011 NDFL Championship.

2012 Alabama Crimson Bengals

Enter 2012 where the Bengals altered their colors, made some front office personnel moves and went back to work defending their 2011 crown with goals and aspirations for a 2012 crown. Currently the Bengals sit seventh in the overall league standings. Below are the results of their season through this past weekend (March 31st)

Wk1-Alabama Crimson Bengals 22  DC Riverdogs 6

Wk2-Huntsville Rockets 46 Alabama Crimson Bengals 0 F

Wk3-Alabama Crimson Bengals 28 Selma Protectors 0 F

wk4-Chattanooga Outlaws 23 Alabama Crimson Bengals 13 F

Wk5-Alabama Crimson Bengals 20 Alabama Ravens 19 F

So the Crimson Bengals sit at 3-2 on the season with 5 games remaining. The Playoffs are in site and the Crimson Bengals are poised to make a deep into the playoffs, but when you are the hunted it’s never easy.


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