Georgia All-Classification Top 10.. And Then 15 More

High School Football In Georgia

Then there were 20…yes 4 in each classification that will do battle to earn a right for a berth to play for a state championship, the ultimate goal of every team when preseason practice tees off in early August. Do all remaining 20 make the Total Sports Coverage All Classification Top 10? No.

Winning, strength of schedule, out of state foes, in state foes of quality, region balance, overall team performance, coaching, community/booster involvement, emotion, program (history AND current growth), logistics, can you win against the other “big boys” and season end result all factor into how well a high school football team performs during the course of a season. In other words you would have no major issue sending your child to one of these schools. All of those encompass these “rankings”. After all were talking about 14 to 18 year-olds who will mold society in the very near future. Not ony that you won and/or are winning but HOW you won. You could have won an emotional game against a well respected team/program by making a bold call at a key situation,having a top-tier player making a play. That call was successful, does it mean your better than that team, logic says yes but logic also factors other key elements.

With that said we release the Georgia All-Classification Top 10 as of Friday 12/2/11…

1. Buford Wolves (13-0) 2 win over teams still alive in playoffs

2. Grayson Rams (13-0) 1 out of state win, win over 4A 2nd rd team in Kell (GA), defeated previous state champ (Brookwood) and win over a Reg 1 team (Lowndes). Have not allowed more than 21 points in a game (Edgewater, FL in Week 2)

3. Colquitt Packers (11-2) 2 wins over out of state teams (Madison, Fl and Carver Montgomery, AL), All playoff 2 of 3 playoff wins have came on the road vs Reg7 and Reg3 champions, Played in Region 1-5A in GA

4.Tucker Tigers (13-0) All region schedule so they could not schedule out of state/heavy state programs, tied Stephenson in scrimmage, Region (6-4A) is not as strong as appears but team is better than the region.

5. Walton Raiders (13-0) subpar Region (5-5A), wins over current semifinalist Lassiter and Reg 7 (Peachtree Ridge) and Reg8 (Dacula-in playoffs), dynamic running back leading the way. Easiest draw in 5A playoffs.

6. Lassiter Trojans(10-3) All Playoff wins have been on the road. Ended ML Kings 12 game winning streak

7. Camden County Wildcats (12-1) Weak Reg3 schedule, 2 out of state wins (Glenville OH and Treasure Coast FL)

8. ML King Lions(12-1) Wins over Reg 7 (Collins Hill), 2 wins over Reg 8 (Brookwood [defending state champs], South Gwinnett, Reg 1 (Valdosta, Coffee Co.) and Reg2 (Stephenson). Won second straight Reg2 Title. 6-1 against playoff teams in 2011.

9. Sandy Creek Trojans (12-1) 41-game winning streak snapped,

10. Northside-Warner Robins (13-0) In the 4A State Semifinals, 5A Finalist in 2009 lost to Camden County.

Other Solid Teams of Note (OSTN)…The other 15 that Total Sports Coverage would lineup against anybody, IN NO ORDER.

Calhoun (2A State runner-up 3 years running, all losses to Buford/program), Stephenson (talent/program), North Gwinnett (program/coaching), Ware County (program), Lovejoy (growth of program and overall body of work), Dublin (overall body of work), Elbert County (overall body of work/coaching), Wilcox (program, overall body of work), Flowery Branch (program/logistics, overall body of work, all region schedule with “clause”), East Paulding (overall body of work), Lincoln County (logistics/program, overall body of work), Clarke Central (program, recent growth/rebirth of program, logistics are major downfall), McEachern (program) Hillgrove (growth of program) and Warner Robins (program, recent growth of program) .

There you have it the All-Classification Top 10 and then 15 that would make up a Top 25 in Georgia but there is no such. Every team in the “top 25” could hold their weight even in a loss against any other team in the country regardless (even if they get blowed out).

Notice there are no private schools, and yes there is a sound reason to that. All the private schools fall in 1A and have not done the work of the 1A schools listed (Lincoln County and Wilcox plus those not listed in Charlton and Clinch Counties) and YES logistics play into that because it is a reality. Prince Avenue Christian, Landmark Christian, Eagles Landing, Savannah Christian and Wesleyan are doing work but would they in 2A and above, NO. Marist was considered and respected but overall not a “Top 25” team in Georgia with there overall body of work. So why Tucker and Flowery Branch (same class as Marist)…weak Region showing in playoffs hurts overall body of work for Marist. Tucker could pull weight in 5A and be a quarterfinalist as would Northside-Warner Robins.

An exact science it is NOT,however all facets count to logic.

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